Tiger Cubs Requirements

tiger cubs are you ready?

Being that we have a short rest of the year.  I would like to focus on just the main requirements that will let are tigers receive there tiger badge at the end of the school year.

There are 5 main requirements start on pg 36 and end on pg 76 with a end of the year campout or hike.

Please take a minute to look these over.

Each of these consist of:

  • 1 part at home (which is 1f for the next pack meeting).
  • 2nd part at pack meeting 1d (pack meeting will be on2/19/14).
  • 3rd part 1g will be a go see it TBA.

 so what do I need from you

  • Go over and sign bobcat requirement on pg 29 -34 and bring to the meeting so I can sign of and we will get them their bobcat badge at the next den meeting.
  • Have your tigers do 1f in their books.
  • Be at the pack meeting on 2/19/14

See you their