Parent Volunteer Positions

We currently have open pack positions and  den positions, and we’d like each new and returning scout to be represented by ONE position. The links at the titles will take you to the descriptions. There are links at the end of the descriptions to bring you back to the titles.  Thanks in advance for helping our Pack GO as we prepare our scouts to Do Their Best!


  • P#: indicates its a pack level position, serving the whole pack
  • D#: indicates it’s a den level position, with service to your child’s den
  • T# indicates how many Tiger parents we need at this level
  • W# indicates how many Wolves parents we need at this level
  • B# indicates how many Bears parents we need at this level
  • Wb# indicates how many Webelos parents we need at this level

Den Leaders  

Lion 1 – Open

Lion 2 – Open

Tiger 1 – Open

Tiger 2 – Patrick Brown

Wolf 1 – Jonathan Shepard

Wolf 2 – Steven Boehmer

Bear 1 Kevin Bacon

Bear 2 – Open

Webelos Den Leader

Webelos I Patrick Hand

Webelos II Arrow of Light Guide –  Raphael Jiles

Committee Chair in Training– Open

Assistant Committee Chair– Open

Cubmaster – Bill Humphries

Assistant Cubmaster  –  Craig Burns

Treasurer / Budget Czars –

(Treas, AsstTreas, 1 Treas coordinator, each from different dens)

Treasurer – Open

Assistant Treasurer – Open

Treasury Coordinators- Open

Advancement Chair  – 1 chair:  plus W1, B1, Wb 1

Chair: Open

Wb ll: Open

B1: Open

W1: Open

Communications Chair 1 chair, 1 asst: plus W1, B1, Wb 1

Chair: Whitney Hand

Wb: Open

B1: Open


Membership Chair  – 1 chair, 1 asst plus W1, B1, Wb 1

Chair: Open

Assistant Chair: Open

Wb:  Open

B1: Open

W1: Open

Activities Chair – 5 chairs, see below, plus W5, B5, Wb 5 for each of the five committees

Activities Chair: Open

Coordinators: Wolves  – Open

Bear (Open),

Webelos (Open)

Camping Coordinator and Program Director: Open

Coordinators: Wolves – Open

Bear (Open),

Webelos (Open)

Pinewood Derby Commissioner: Open 

Plus Coordinators: Wolves (Open)

Bear (Open),

Webelos (Open)

Blue & Gold Barbecue Chair: Open

Plus Coordinators: Wolves (Open)

Bear (Open),

Webelos Open

Other Roles 8 roles:

District & Council Relation Liaison – Open

School Flags Coordinator Open

Camp Card Coordinator and“Friends of Scouting” Fundraising– Open

Duty to God Coordinator – Open

Nova Awards Coordinator – Open

Outreach/Community Service Coordinator– Open

Pack Trainer–  Open

Photographer – Open

Protocol Coordinator – Open



We are asking our Lion and Tiger Akelas to come on board considering the above roles or any of the below support roles:

Treasury Coordinator (D2) – L1, T1

Advancement Coordinator (D2)–L1, T1

Communications Coordinator (D2)–L1, T1

Membership Coordinator (D2)–L1, T1

Activities Coordinators Camping, PD and B&G


Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders (P6)

– Lead Den Meetings, Organize Program, Coordinate (communicate) with other Den Leaders, inform Parents and Rank Level Volunteers; depending on a Den Leader’s skills and time availability a Den Leader or (more likely) an Assistant may also take on other roles, like Communications, or Activities, or Membership, but Den Leader is the hardest job, so others should help (contact the Den Leader to find out how you can help).

This is the Key Role – Coordinate meetings with the Cubs parents, so that they have a Fun Program, with Meaning (fulfilling the description of Scouting as “A Game with a Purpose”).  Skills needed:  Enthusiasm, Patience, meeting facilitation, communication (especially ability to ask people to help including asking in time, and letting them know your plan, so people can help), ability to inspire, ability to have fun.

Primary Jobs of Den Leader:

1)            Plan Den Meetings, and lead, or delegate, program elements.  Always have a “Plan B” for when a Delegation fails or “Plan A” doesn’t work out.

2)            Communicate with Parents about what you’re doing, how and when they can help, what they need to do, when they come for their “two meetings” under the “Every Parent Team Helps” rule.  NOTE: if you “communicate” with a volunteer, you can get that volunteer to do the heavy emails and texts and phone calls with your parents. Communicate with other leaders about ways to get it all done that can be easier if there is cross-Den cooperation.

3)            Organize Den Leadership at Weekend Events, or (ideally) delegate that by putting a Rank Level Chair/Volunteer Coordinator to work (e.g., get your spouse, and the spouses of Assistants and non-regular volunteers to take on roles at Campouts and other events, like organizing meals, or skits, or leading adventures).

4)            Ancillary Jobs: In addition, the Den Leader also needs to do the following:

  • Confer with Cubmaster and Chair or Pack Trainer on any policy matters, including Den Needs and “Every Parent Helps” issues.
  • Coordinate Advancement reporting from Parents and to Advancement Chair (this is an ideal job for an Assistant who cannot be there at Den meetings but can take information from you and other Parents)
  • Obtain reimbursement from Treasurer for items that you purchase for Den use. Test is reasonableness and being “thrifty.”
  • Work with Pack Trainer and Cubmaster to obtain appropriate training

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Webelos Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader (P2)

Also coordinates with Assistant Cubmaster/Webelos to develop an appropriate transition plan for Webelos to Boy Scouts.

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Committee Chair (P1)

– Overall Policy, Organization, Coordination, Delegation – and Recruiting of Volunteers, including finding the next Chair.  Skills needed: Organizational skills, meeting facilitation skills, communication skills (especially ability to ask people to help).  Ideally a One Year Job (to be replaced by a current Assistant Chair).  This is a great position for a parent that wants to be involved in the pack but finds it difficult to participate during business hours.  The Chair cannot be the Cubmaster or a Den Leader.  Primary Jobs of Committee Chair:

1)            The Chair recruits Parents to serve in Volunteer roles (should work with others to do that recruiting on a “Rank Level”, since the “Rank Level” jobs need to be filled and understood), helps connect people to the resources/people needed to get jobs done.

  • Key Roles to fill are the following: Assistant Chair, Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Den Leaders, Assistant Den Leaders, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Communications Chair, Advancement Chair, Activity Chair, Event Organizers (Campout Coordinators, Jack-o-lantern Smackdown Coordinator, Pinewood Derby Commissioner, Blue & Gold Barbeque Coordinator, Camp Card Planner, Pack Trainer and/or other Event Leadership).
  • Work with Pack Trainer to provide appropriate training for pack leaders
  • As you take volunteers, note that some roles as written “overlap” and so they may (and should) be combined, or split, based on the interest and ability of volunteers.

2)            The Pack Committee Chair should organize and direct regular (could be quarterly or more often, as needed) Pack Committee/Parent Meetings, where Pack level planning and budgeting is conducted by the pack leaders.

  • In addition, meets (or consults or calls), as needed, with smaller groups to address specific issues, such as: recharter paperwork and dues collection (with the Membership Chair or Treasurer), annual budget issues (with Treasurer and Cubmaster), specific events (with applicable event coordinator), and long range planning (with Assistant Chairs, Cubmaster, others).

3)            Ancillary Jobs: In addition to these functions, the Pack Committee Chair is also responsible for the following:

  • Serve as liaison with charter organization rep (Monishae O’Neill – Drew Charter Elementary Academy Principal (where the usual matters are Room Use, Scout Conduct, Conflicts with School Events, After School Care Issues)
  • Confer with Cubmaster and/or Den Leaders on any policy matters (e.g. leadership, size of Dens, whether (and how) to turn away anyone for lack of leaders, assignments to Dens (Scouts and Leaders), Scout Conduct, Parent Conduct/lack of “help”, new member requests)
  • Help plan for charter review and re-registration with Membership Chair (must submit “recharter” lists of Adult Leaders and Scouts, and get Charter Org Rep Signature)
  • Approve bills before payment by Treasurer (Treasurer to seek approval)

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Assistant Chair (P1)

:  The Assistant Chair supports the current Chair in any manner complementary to the current Chair’s needs.  An  Assistant Chair might handle Webelos issues.  Ideally, an Assistant Chair is next in line to be Committee Chair.  The Assistant Chair cannot be the Cubmaster or a Den Leader unless there is a replacement in line for that person’s existing job the following year.  Primary Jobs of Assistant Chair:

  • Assist the Pack Committee Chair as needed (depends on interest/skill of Assistant). Assistance might involve helping recruit Parents to serve in Volunteer roles.
  • It should certainly include seeking volunteers to take on jobs “next year” when the Assistant Chair becomes the Chair (if that’s the deal for the Assistant).
  • Provide Long-Range Planning by making plans, obtaining consensus for and beginning implementation of (e.g., make reservations, update website calendar) for the following year’s calendar of events. See the Generic Agenda for the “usual topics” that will occur over time.

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Cubmaster (P1)

— With skilled Den Leaders, and Parents taking on the “Support” roles (Chair to get volunteers, Membership Chair to handle signups, Advancement Chair to handle Badge Buys, and Activities Chair to get Event Coordinators), Cubmaster becomes a fun job of doing the special events, and helping out Den Leaders and Event Coordinators. Skills needed: meeting facilitation skills (for presenting awards, leading cheers, songs, “playing along”, plus inspiration), organizational and communication skills (especially ability to ask people to help).  Tuesdays a plus, but not required.  The Cubmaster cannot be the Chair or a Den Leader.  The Cubmaster should not be the administrative coordinator for an event, but could be the “Program Director.” Primary Jobs of Cubmaster.

1)            Provide or present Program for Pack Events, including recruiting people to provide elements of Program. Communicate the Plan and follow through.  Should not serve as “administrative coordinator” of any event, because administrative coordination will wipe you out and leave you unable to coordinate program volunteers and ideas and someone else should do that if you’re leading a program.

2)            Help Pack Committee with Pack level planning and budgeting, and recruitment of Den Leaders and Assistants.

3)            Ancillary Jobs: In addition to these functions, the Cubmaster or an Assistant could be responsible for the following, if they so choose:

  • Assist Chair’s role as liaison with charter organization rep and Principals and
  • Confer with Chair on any policy matters, including Den Needs
  • Help determine pack and den leadership needs with the Cubmaster
  • Approve bills before payment by Treasurer (Treasurer to seek approval)
  • Work with Pack Trainer to provide appropriate training for pack leaders
  • Coordinate with Assistant Cubmaster/Webelos to develop an appropriate transition plan for Webelos to Boy Scouts.

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Assistant Cubmaster (P2)

– A Cub Scout Assistant Cubmaster should be next in line to be Cubmaster; a Webelos Assistant Cubmaster is helpful for their special program issues.  Primary Jobs of Assistant Cubmaster:

1)            Assist the Cubmaster as needed in parts of that job (see above).

2)            Assistants designated as Assistant Cubmaster – Cub Scouts and Assistant Cubmaster – Webelos would focus on those Dens at those locations and might focus on these roles.

  • Assistant could coordinate among Den Leaders to identify “combined” program options, awards ceremonies, assist Dens in emergencies. Can take on some other jobs, like Activities Chair or Assistant Advancement Chair, depending on interest/ability.  Absent this job, Cubmaster should fill this role.
  • Be a “Utility Player” for the Dens at your school: able to jump in and help new Den Leaders, pinch hit for the missing, provide opening/closing ceremonies, advancement recognition, spark up meetings.
  • Assistant could coordinate among Den Leaders to identify “combined” program options, awards ceremonies, assist Dens in emergencies; coordinate with Boy Scout Troop on “Crossover” activities (Troop Meeting Visits, combined outdoor activities, etc.); coordinate “Webelos Tutorial” for new Webelos IIs who have to “make up” Webelos I activities like Fitness and Citizen. Could be Assistant Advancement Chair.  Can take on some other jobs, like Activities Chair (big for Webelos – like Webelos Winter Camp), depending on interest/ability.
  • Boy Scout Liaison – Coordinate Activities with Scout Troop, identify Den Chief opportunities; Work with Webelos Leaders on Cross-Over. Could be Assistant CM/Webelos
  • Assistant CM/Cub Scouts serves as Tiger Den Leader until Sept 30 while Tiger Den Leaders acclimate

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Treasurer / Budget Czar (P2)

(D2)– Pack Budget, maintain accounts, approve disbursements, coordinate collections.

1)            Work with Committee Chair, Cubmaster, Event Leaders, Others to determine Pack Budget for the upcoming year (review past expenditures, anticipate future costs).

  • Existing Budget Template exists for this purpose (see Website Committee Files)
  • Annual Budgeting Tasks include: Track Assumptions (do current estimates of Advancement Supplies apply?); Update Pricing (e.g., go to to check prices); Check for “Capital Costs” (e.g., bulk T-Shirt purchases, equipment)
  • Others could be used (try to ensure that your successor can use the tools!)

2)            Maintain Pack 302 Bank Account, and report on the status of expenditures and collections (e.g., whether Event Collections equal Expenses).

  • Receive Collections and Reports from Membership Chair (Pack Dues) and Event Coordinators (Event Revenues, and Expense/Disbursement Requests), and their summary reports.
  • Note: with the arrival of PayPal on the Website, collection is a less difficult job.
  • Disburse from Pack 302 Account for reimbursement of approved costs, consistent with procedures established by Committee:
  • If not clearly in the budget, disbursements should receive approval of Pack Chair or Cubmaster.

3)            Ancillary Jobs:  In addition, the Treasurer could:

  • Assist Event Coordinators (who need to collect for their events) and Membership Chair on how to account and track collections.
  • There may, from time to time, be a “merger” of functions between Treasurer and/or other Jobs (such as Advancement) and the “Membership” signup function, because (1) Membership involves collection (so does Treasurer), and (2) Membership involves Registration, which involves Packmaster Data (and so does Advancement).
  • Currently, Membership (collection/tracking of Dues, plus review/approval and submittal of Adult and Youth Applications, plus Re-Charter), is more difficult and time-consuming than the Treasurer Function.
  • Assist Event Coordinators and Membership Chair in collection of past due accounts (Pack Dues, Events, etc.)
  • Assistant Treasurers can take on parts of the Treasurer Job as interests arise.

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Advancement Chair

(P1) (D4) – coordinate and promote advancement, ideally with “Rank Level” Advancement Coordinators to help.  Jobs can include:

  • call/email and collect, record and report advancement info (including updating the “Packmaster” software and using that to upload into the Website);
  • communicate with Den and Pack Leaders about advancement and belt loop needs well in advance of den meetings and events (for immediate recognition);
  • communicate with all Rank Level Advancement coordinators about “badge buys” (so that 1 trip is made, not 5);
  • if desired, you can help with “Advancement Ceremonies” at Den Meetings, Openings/Closings, other events;
  • find a science/engineer specialist to champion NOVA awards for the dens,
  • find an interested pastoral or lay person within the den to champion and coordinate Duty to God and/or Scout Sunday activities with Cubs church clergy, could be Pack Chaplain
  • submit official “Advancement Reports”, make “Badge Buys”, organize Badge awards.

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Communications Chair

(P2)(D4)– Some Packs have a “Secretary”, a traditional role that involved creating and distributing “Minutes” of meetings where things were “said” and needed to be written down — but in all our years Pack 302 has been more of a Mailchimp, Website, Shutterfly Share, email, text, SignupGenius communication system.  So a Communications Chair is a person either taking on or working closely with Den Level volunteers who take on, roles of:

  • a Webmaster (the Communications Chair must be comfortable with uploading content for the Website and maximizing that use – though, ideally, the Website is revised by many people, including Event Coordinators, and Den Leaders or their designees); Communications Chair needs to show people how to use the website!
  • A Mailchimp Administrator, since email blasts, the Website Roster, and other communication runs off of our Mailchimp Software (also used for recharter, Den Organization) this is a big part of Communication; could be handled by Membership too, or an Assistant.
  • a Pollster to coordinate Customer Surveys to gauge interest and sign ups for events – the pollster needs to work closely with the Cubmaster, Chair and any applicable Event Coordinators.
  • a Pack Planning Archivist, probably working closely with the Webmaster, if that is our “archive”; two functions, to “tell the story of what we decided” (e.g. updating policies like “Every Parent Helps”), and to “save useful stuff” like plans that can be used the next time we do an event (an archivist/historian might also seek formal or casual feedback from parents and leaders to ensure we get feedback about how to get it done, plus “pull” past plans and comments from the Website for current view – easiest way is to put it into the Calendar);
  • a Pack Event Historian, also working closely with the Webmaster, collecting photos and other mementos, uploading to SmugMug or other sites and uses; should maintain control of “history trunk” with past awards and photo albums, and display at Blue & Gold Barbeque (consider how to extract/archive that);
  • a Signup Genius Generator, as this tool is used by many;
  • a Public Relations Coordinator, communiqués from the Pack to the School, Community and Boy Scouts about things we do (e.g., community service, events open to the public). Create “Eagle Eye” updates when applicable (usually April and August, for “new members” and “what we will do”).
  • a Pack Photographer/Media Archivist — help coordinate with Website, Photo Site, coordinate slideshows for Barbeque, etc.

Those jobs are ideal and can be combined or sliced and diced in different ways as talents and interest combine.

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Membership Chair

(P2) (D4) – the Membership Chair (ideally, in cooperation with “Rank Level” Membership Coordinators) solicits and signs up new members, ensures that all are signed up with the BSA and have what they need to get started in Scouting. Details are:

1)            “Back to School” Signups, ideally by deploying “Rank Level” help:

  • During back to school “sign up” periods, obtain (or pull from Drew Directory) contact information for possible Scouts (email and/or call);
  • Develop “advance information” programs by email, School Website/newsletters, other methods;
  • Organize “sign ups” of new Members at and before Registration Day at the Schools, and get volunteers for those days
  • Enter likely signups into Packmaster and import into Website pending final organization (this will likely involve calls to pin down the undecided and the changed minds);
  • may use Advancement Coordinators to assist, since use of Packmaster software and Scout Shop buys are involved in both and advancement is not “busy” at the start of the School Year.

2)            Ideally (though this could be a separate job), coordinate the “paperwork” signup, ideally by deploying “Rank Level” help:

  • collection of dues from everyone (PayPal is an option, but many will do checks)
  • coordinate the collection of Youth and Adult Leader Applications from new members and new leaders (last year’s members of 302 do NOT need new apps);
  • review and enter Application Data into “Packmaster” software to complete our website Roster, and allow annual Recharter to go smoothly);
  • submit new Member Information to Atlanta Area Council and pay Registration Fees from Pack Account; learn and apply the “Recharter” paperwork process;
  • Deliver membership items to paid members (Council, Pack Number, and Fleur de Lis patches; Handbooks; T-Shirts; Leader Patches) and monitor supplies.

3)            Ideally (though this could be a separate job), do Annual Recharter Paperwork through our “Packmaster” software, and file on time, with correct signatures.

  • Will involve coordination with Treasurer (for check) and Pack Chair (for signatures) and Drew (for signatures).

4)            Ancillary Jobs: In addition, the Membership Chair could:

  • be, or recruit, a “Kindergarten Liaison”, to see that Kindergarten Kids and Parents are informed about Events (Pinewood Derby, end of year Pack Meeting?); cultivate Kindergarten Parents and assess interest and questions and leadership options.

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Activities Chair

(P5) (D20) – Plans/Organizes the Administrative Part of Activities and Events (Campouts, Hikes, Bike Rodeos, Blue & Gold Barbeque, Pinewood Derby, any other Pack Event), including:

1)            (P1) (D4) Assist Cubmaster and associated Den Leader to brainstorm and plan programming and long term about events overnights.  Assist Den Leaders and Parents who want to organize “Rank Level” weekend activities.  Individual Event Coordinators would include:

  • Fall/Spring Camping Coordinator and Program Director (P1)(D4) the Camping Coordinator/Program Director would handle things like “what/how do we eat”, in cooperation with “Rank Level” Camping Coordinators) for Fall and Spring camping and communicate Summer Camp
  • Jack-o-Lantern Smackdown Organizer, (P1)(D4) update flyers, coordinate with parents to man registration and bring baked goods, hot chocolate, and supplies, such as tarps, shovels, etc. coordinate with communications chair and public relations guru to organize publicity, coordinate with Fire Department
  • Pinewood Derby Commissioner – (P1)(D4)  plan the Pinewood Derby; role to be done in cooperation with “Rank Level” Derby Coordinators.
  • Blue & Gold Barbeque Chair – (P1)(D4) plan the Blue & Gold Barbeque; role to be done in cooperation with “Rank Level” Derby Coordinators.

2)            Gets individual Activity/Event Coordinator to plan, coordinate, organize and communicate about Pack Activities and Events (ideally, using Rank Level coordinators to share the effort, create an Activity/Event committee).  That includes:

  • Give “initial” planning for events that don’t yet have an Activity/Event Coordinator.
  • Obtain and maintain, and point Coordinators towards, resources for planning events, including “after-action plans” (showing new coordinators past “after-action plans”, past event plans, calendar entries, announcements).
  • Obtain and record (post on the website, maybe just in comments in the calendar entry), “after-action plans” from every coordinator after an event, so that “how to do it better” can be found for “next time”.

3)            Undertake long-term planning for events, especially for events that “fill up.”

4)            Generate and solicit ideas for new events and options.

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Other Roles

(P7) – depending on interest, Pack Parents could also do these:

District & Council Relation Liaison – if the Chair and the Cubmaster elect, and a volunteer exists (e.g., someone who has other roles with, say, Pack 302), someone to “fly the flag” at District events, and bring back only the really important stuff for our program.

School Flags Coordinator – Concept: help the School by coordinating Scouts to raise and lower the flags periodically (e.g. at first once a month on pack meeting day, then maybe bi-monthly, perhaps w/ Webelos or Bear den meeting schedules).  How: find out “who can do it before or after school”, make assignments, give assignment lists to School and Families.  May need to organize based on “day of the week” or not, depends on volunteers and feedback.

Camp Card Coordinator and “Friends of Scouting” Fundraising – If we want to do this, someone to coordinate as a Pack Fundraiser. Fundraising effort through Pack Parents, communicate, collect pledges, follow through with Council.

Duty to God Coordinator

Nova Awards Coordinator

Outreach/Community Service Coordinator — help Pack and Dens with ideas, follow through on ideas, help promote the good works, coordinate parade participation.  Easy options are the “Scouting for Food” program and “Good Turn for America”.

Pack Trainer – help to coach new Leaders and Parents about how to get it done.

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