Annual District Pinewood Derby

Join us for the Annual District Pinewood Derby

Who: All Cub Scouts & Cub Scout Age Siblings

Date: Saturday February 10th, 2018

Time: Registration Begins @ 10:00am/ Race Starts @ 1:00 pm

Cost: $5

Location: Yarrab Shrine – 400 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308


Phoenix District Pinewood Derby Rules and Race Information

Your car must adhere to a number of rules. The Pinewood Derby Chairperson or his appointed representative may disqualify any car that in his determination is not in compliance with the “spirit” of the Pinewood Derby Race.
• All cars must be made from the wood block, wheels and axles, etc provided in an official BSA Pinewood Derby Kit or from the BSA Scout Shop. No “aftermarket” parts!
• Any car that has been bought from eBay or similar will not be allowed to race.
• You may not use a car from a previous year’s race.
• The Cub must have worked on the car – this should be in accordance to rank / skill level with the
older Cubs doing more of the work as they advance thru the ranks.
Weight / Dimensions:
• The total weight of the car may not exceed 5 oz.
• The maximum width of the car, including wheels, may not exceed 2.75 inches.
• The maximum length of the car may not exceed 7 inches.
• The wheelbase (distance between the front and rear axles, center to center) may not be changed
from the kit body distance of 4-3/8″.
• Your car should have a clearance of 3/8 of an inch on the underside to clear the lane strip.
• The wheels must be placed in the slots provided. If a wheel slot is broken and a new slot is needed, the slot cannot exceed 1⁄4 inch from the original position. The slot must be closer to the other slot (i.e. shorter wheelbase).
• The spacing of the slots must be the official spacing from the B.S.A. PD Kit. There are other organizations that run Pinewood Derby races that use cars with different size slots but in order to conform to the North Atlanta District Rules, slot distance cannot vary.
• The wheels and axles of the car must be from the official B.S.A. PD Kit. The official wheel width is .34 inches. The axles must be firmly attached to the car. No cars will be accepted on which bearings, washers, or spacers are used as part of the wheel assembly.
• The outside of each wheel must be solid – no spoked wheels allowed. Any car with wheels that do not conform must change wheels before it successfully passes inspection.
• The wheels must be the official B.S.A. wheels that came in the standard kit. Black wheels are preferred however colored wheels are acceptable but must be purchased from the B.S.A. store and match the same size, weight, etc as the standard black wheels.
• You may not use a solid axle (a single axle that attaches two wheels to the car).
• No cutting of wheels will be allowed. Only light sanding is permitted
• It is permissible for the car to run on two or three wheels, however all four wheels must be attached
to the car in the normal wheel location
• Lubrication-only graphite powder or the new B.S.A. white lube T102/polytern fluoroethylene may be used to lubricate wheels. The motion of the car may not be mechanically aided (motor, springs, rubber bands, jet packs, etc. are prohibited).
• Weights and accessories can be added to your car, as long as they are securely fastened and meet weight and other requirements.
• No loose items can be attached to the car.
• If a car jumps off the lane strip, the judge may order all cars in the race to be run again. For the
cars that did not jump off, the fastest time of the race will count. If a car jumps the track three times in a row, it is disqualified from that race.

Pre Race Inspection:
• All cars that participate in the race must first pass inspection at check in which will take place the morning of the event – Feb. 10, 2018 – 8:00 – 11:30 am.
• Once your car has passed inspection it will be impounded in the “Pit Area” until the race – no further adjustments may be made after a car has passed inspection.
• A Cub whose car fails any part of the pre-race inspection will be given the opportunity to make adjustments to the car in order to pass inspection. Cars may be re-weighed, measured and inspected as many times as needed until they pass.
• Once the car has passed inspection the night before the race, it may not be re-lubricated, except when the wheel is damaged or becomes dislodged during a race. Graphite must be applied over a trash can or outside (it’s very messy!)
Race Day Procedures:
• A repair station will be made available the day of the race and used only for damage that may take place during the race.
• In the event of a breakdown of a car during the race, the participant will be given up to five (5) minutes to repair the car. Only the damaged portion of the car may be modified. Work must be done by the Cub, with assistance from his parent or guardian.
• Race officials may re-inspect a car during the race to ensure it conforms to rules.
• The computerized timing system is VERY sensitive – all Cubs should remain outside the roped off
area including the starting area, track, and the finish area.
• Each car will race six times – once in each lane. The car with the fastest combined overall time is
considered the winner.
• All judge’s decisions are final.
• Please, no running in the building and stay in the race area at all times.
• Cubs should wear Class A uniforms to the race.
• Class A uniforms optional for the workshop, Speed Week and pre-race inspection
Important Race Details:
• For 2018 the District Pinewood Derby will hosted by Pack 298
• The event will be held Feb. 10, 2018, at the Yaarab Shrine Center, 400 Ponce De Leon Ave NE,
Atlanta, GA (in the “hangar” – signage will be posted)
• Check in will be from 8:00am to 11:30 am, Racing will begin at 1:00 pm
• Check in doors will close at 11:30 am and the racing doors will open at 12:30pm, those that miss
check in will not be allowed to race.
• All racers must pass inspection the day of the race!
Entry Fees and Sign – Up Protocols:
• A flat entry fee of $5.00 per car for all participants at the district level (Fees to cover cost of trophies, participation certificates, 2 or 3 raffle door prizes, concessions and venue)
• At the pack’s discretion, a pack may choose to sponsor any number of cars/racers at the event, however every car/racer must pay the entry fee
• The hosting pack will front the costs for the event and all proceeds go back to the hosting pack
• The District will be responsible the distribution of the rule and regulations to every scout and the
administration of the online registration.
• Online registration will end Feb. 8 and fees will be collected at the door. Those not registered
online will pay $10.00 at the door
Questions: Kyle Wingfield,