Tiger Cubs : Easy Electives List

As we focus our Pack and Den efforts on requirements for advancement, please consider some of these electives for your Scout. Many of these are easy, quick and may be something your scout has experienced already in his day-to-day.

  1. How Do You Celebrate?: Think of a time when your family celebrated something, and then tell the den about it and how it made your feel.
  2. Making Decorations: Make a decoration with your family or your den. Display it or give it to someone as a gift.
  3. Fun and Games: With your family, play a card or board game or put a jigsaw puzzle together.
  4. Display a Picture: Make a frame for a family picture.
  5. Family Mobile: Make a family mobile.
  6. Song Time: Along with your adult partner, teach a song to your family or to your den and sing it together.
  7. Play Along!: Make a musical instrument and play it with others. The others can sing or have instruments of their own.
  8. Your Religious Leaders: Invite a religious leader or teacher from your place of worship to your home or to your den meeting.
  9. A New Friend: Help a new boy or girl get to know other people.
  10. Helping Hands: Along with your adult partner, help an elderly or shut-in person with a chore.
  11. Helping the Needy: Help collect food, clothing, or toys for needy families with your den or pack.
  12. A Friendly Greeting: Make at least two cards or decorations and take them to a hospital or long-term care facility.
  13. Using US pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, choose the correct coins to make the following amounts: 15 cents, 50 cents, 29 cents, 60 cents, 35 cents, 59 cents.
  14. Reading Fun: Together with your adult partner, read a short story or a magazine article.
  15. Our Colorful World: Mix the primary colors to make orange, green, and purple.
  16. Collecting and Other Hobbies: With your den, show or tell about something you like to collect OR Tell your den about a favorite hobby or activity.
  17. Make a Model: Make a model.
  18. Sew a Button: Sew a button onto fabric.
  19. Magic Fun: Learn a magic trick and show it to your family or den.
  20. Get the Word Out: With your den, make up a PSA skit to tell people about Tiger Cubs. (PSA stands for Public Service Announcement)
  21. The Show Must Go On: Make a puppet.
  22. Picnic Fun: With your family or with your den, have a picnic–outdoors or indoors.
  23. What Kind of Milk?: Find out what kind of milk your family drinks and why.
  24. Help in the Kitchen: Help the adult who is preparing the family meal to set the table and clean up afterwards.
  25. Snack Time: Make a snack and share it with your family or den.
  26. Phone Manners: With a toy phone, or a disconnected phone, practice making phone calls and answering the telephone.
  27. Emergency!: Talk to your adult partner about what to do if these things happened:
    1. The adult who is caring for you becomes ill.
    2. You are alone with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable.
  28. Smoke Detectors: With your adult partner, check the batteries in the smoke detector in your home or another building.
  29. Safety in the Sun: Talk with your adult partner about when you should use sunscreen. Find out whether you have any in your home and where it is kept. With your adult partner, look at a container of sunscreen and find out whether it still protects you when you are wet. Also find out how long you are protected before you have to put on more. Look for the expiration date and make sure the sunscreen is not too old.
  30. Plant a Seed: Plant a seed, pit, or green tops from something you have eaten.
  31. Learn About Animals: Learn about an animal.
  32. Feed the Birds: Make a bird feeder and then hang it outdoors.
  33. Cleanup Treasure Hunt: With your den or family, play Cleanup Treasure Hunt.
  34. Conservation: With your adult partner, think of a way to conserve water or electricity and do it for one week.
  35. Fun Outdoors: Play a game outdoors with your family or den.
  36. See a Performance: With your family or your den, go see a play or musical performance in your community.
  37. Take a Bicycle Ride: Take a bicycle ride with your adult partner.
  38. Bicycle Repair: Visit a bicycle repair shop.
  39. Go To Work: Visit the place where your adult partner or another adult works.
  40. Fun in the Water: Together with an adult partner, go swimming or take part in an activity in water.
  41. Transportation: Visit a train station, bus station, airport, or boat dock.
  42. Fun at the Zoo: Visit a zoo or aquarium.
  43. Pet Care: Visit a veterinarian or an animal groomer.
  44. Dairy Products: Visit a dairy, a milk-processing plant, or a cheese factory.
  45. Fresh Baking: Visit a bakery.
  46. Healthy Teeth and Gums: Visit a dentist or dental hygienist.
  47. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Learn about what you can recycle in your community and how you can recycle at home. Learn about things that need to be recycled in special ways, such as paint and batteries.
  48. Go for a Ride: Take a ride on public transportation, such as a bus or train.
  49. Your Government: Visit a government office such as the mayor’s office, the state capitol building, or a courthouse.
  50. Banking: Visit a bank.